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This Kempenhaeghe website offers patients and visitors, referrers, researchers, students, applicants and other interested parties general information on the services of Kempenhaeghe and on the disorders for which patients can come to us.

This website does not offer medical and/or personal advice. The information provided here is by definition not applicable in your individual situation. We advise people with health issues to always discuss these with your physician. The information on this site does not substitute information provided by treating physicians.

Despite the care and attention given to the contents of this site, no rights can be derived from this website. Kempenhaeghe does not assume any liability as a result of the contents of this site.


If you wish to use elements from this website (text, graphics, photo's, videos etc.) for educational or informational purposes, please contact the Marketing & Communications department of Kempenhaeghe.

The Kempenhaeghe logo, the Kempenhaeghe word mark, and the Kempenhaeghe pay-off 'High tech, high touch' are protected by copyright and trade mark law.

Links to third parties

The Kempenhaeghe website contains links to third parties. Kempenhaeghe is not liable and not responsible for the contents, privacy protection or services offered through these third-party websites.

Contact and referral form

If you wish to contact Kempenhaeghe, we ask that you use the appropriate forms on this website. This ensures that your information is protected. Kempenhaeghe treats the information sent to us according to the current European privacy legislation (AVG).

The contact and referral form is not meant and/or suitable for urgent questions or urgent matters.


Kempenhaeghe treasures the security of this website. Despite our concern for security, there might be a vulnerable spot. If you happen to find such a vulnerable spot, we appreciate hearing about it, so that we can take the appropriate measures. In this case, we ask that you mail your findings to