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Living in a neighboring village

Some 75 of our residents live in Heeze, Someren, Leende, Asten and Oosterhout in family homes in the neighborhood or in a multifunctional care center. The latter offers variations: individual (assisted living) apartments, two-person households and residential groups with a maximum of six people. Care varies from 24-hour availability to 24-hour support.

The development level of these residents ranges from light to seriously intellectually disabled. Some residents have physical limitations or light behavioral problems. In a living group, each resident has its own room. Kitchen and living room are for joint usage.

All residential groups independently manage their household and residents contribute and support this as much as they can. Groceries shopping, helping to cook, cleaning and celebrating a birthday are all part of leading a life that is ‘as normal as possible’. Wherever possible, residents learn from one another. There is extra attention for stimulating self-reliance and social contacts in the neighborhood. Goal is to increase competences, together with the residents.

Especially in the field of social participation and freedom of choice, methods have been developed from the village homes that receive much appreciation, also from outside Kempenhaeghe.