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Living in Kloostervelden

Adult clients live in the protected, but lively new Kloostervelden neighborhood. Most of them have multiple disabilities and display hard to understand behavior. Some of them have already been living on these original institution grounds for tens of years. The neighborhood is located in the outlying area of Sterksel, approximately five kilometers from the main Kempenhaeghe location in Heeze. On the former Providentia grounds a new neighborhood has been realized. Some 175 of our residents live here in care clusters, spread out throughout the neighborhood. Their new neighbors are families, couples or singles who appreciate the beautiful neighborhood in its green environment and are open to simple, daily meetings with our residents.

The care homes were built in 2015 and 2016 and completely equipped. The possibilities – also within a care cluster – range from living in a studio or apartment to living in residential groups.

The heart of the neighborhood is the renovated Providentia monastery and the neighboring Dokter Ruttenpark. In the neighborhood there are a bistro/restaurant, some shops that are being run by our residents, a chapel and sports and leisure accommodations. There are also possibilities for daytime activities for our residents. The Kloostervelden neighborhood resembles a small village.