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School-aged children with epilepsy

Kempenhaeghe has a special care program for children with epilepsy in primary or secondary school. To gain more insight in the nature of the epilepsy and its consequences for the development and specifically for learning at school, multiple professionals are involved, each of whom sees the child from their own expertise.

During a short hospitalization the child is examined according to a standard program. A form of EEG, a neuro-psychological examination and a screening of how the child functions at school are usually part of the investigation. As a parent or attendant, you may accompany your child during hospitalization. You are also allowed to attend most examinations.

The (pediatric) neurologist informs you of his findings and the treatment advice. With your permission other care professionals involved in treating your child (e.g. the referring doctor) will be informed of the diagnoses, the implications of the epilepsy for your child’s development and the appropriate treatment and (educational) support. Next, we will refer your child back to the referring doctor. If future involvement of Kempenhaeghe is needed, this is obviously possible.

If applicable, the team can also advise and support your child at school. Special support for child and teacher is offered via ambulant representatives of the national organization education and epilepsy (Landelijk Werkverband Onderwijs en Epilepsie LWOE), associated with De Berkenschutse, school for (secondary) special education for all levels of education.