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Sleep registration

For most patients who come to the Center for Sleep Medicine, the examination starts with a form of sleep registration. There are various types.

The most extensive sleep examination is a polysomnography (PSG). You will get multiple electrodes on your body – on your head, chest, legs and sometimes other body parts – to measure brain activity, breathing, oxygen intake, movement of arms and/or legs, heartbeat and sound (snoring). Securing the electrodes is not painful, possibly a little annoying.

In general, you will sleep a night in the clinic during the sleep registration, during which you are observed through video monitoring. Deviating sleep patterns are detected this way.

The examination offers an objective insight in the various sleep and wake stages and the quality of your sleep. Kempenhaeghe uses various types of sleep registration. The one examination may be short, the other longer

and we measure different aspects. During some examinations you will be asleep, in others you have to stay awake.

Preceding the examination, you will be received detailed information about the type of sleep registration that is applicable to you. You will also be informed of the course of the examination and the practical matters you must reckon with.