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Double-check in laboratory

OD 27

Kempenhaeghe has its own laboratory with a blood drawing room where clinical-pharmaceutical, clinical-chemical and hematological examinations take place.

In addition, the laboratory makes major contributions to scientific medicine studies.

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Pharmaco-therapeutical (blood level) examinations

Blood level monitoring is indispensable for the treatment of epilepsy and neurological sleeping disorders such as narcolepsy/cataplexy. The concentration of the medicine in the blood is an important aid in determining the correct dosage of medication. The medicine levels are measured in our own laboratory to determine is the medication is used in the correct dosage. Where applicable our lab technicians counsel patients in measuring certain values themselves.

To achieve the efficacious blood level every person requires an appropriate amount of medication. In Kempenhaeghe there is much extra know-how of (combinations of) medication – in particular AED’s – and their side effects.

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Clinical-chemical and hematological examinations

Most of our patients require the long-term, often life-long, use of medication. To determine whether the medication has side effects affecting for instance heart, liver or kidney functions, and blood level, clinical-chemical and hematological examinations are done in the laboratory.