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In Kempenhaeghe we know that an illness, condition or disorder can have a big impact. On the life of the patient, and on his environment. For that reason, our professionals really take the time for patients, students, clients and their environment. To give everyone a unique chance to find a new perspective.

We will do our utmost to find a solution that allows someone to go on. With all of our know-how, and all of our attention. All our professionals take the lead in bringing in their own expertise. Jointly, they look for the best possible approach. For today’s best care, we share our know’-how with referrers and specialists in the Netherlands and abroad. And for tomorrow´s best care, we work embark on scientific research with other leading parties. This is how Kempenhaeghe makes the difference.

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Academic Center for Epileptology

Kempenhaeghe & Maastricht UMC+

Your patient is dealing with – possibly – a complex type of epilepsy. The Academic Center for Epileptology, in which Kempenhaeghe and the neurology specialism of the Maastricht UMC+ work closely together, offers the specialized diagnosis, treatment and support of children and adults with epileptic disorders and/or PNEA. Thanks to this concentration of strength the Academic Center for Epileptology is the recognized expertise center in the field of epilepsy.

The cooperation between experts from various medical disciplines and the high-quality facilities ensure the very best possible care. Our specialists see your patient from a medical-epileptological, psychological and social perspective, offering a new perspective for a life that is as independent as possible.

As referrer, you are an important partner whom we like to share our findings with. Following the intervention in Kempenhaeghe, you will once again support the patient yourself.

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Center for Sleep Medicine Kempenhaeghe


Your patient is dealing with a complex, hard to treat sleeping disorder. The best somnologists and somno-technologist work together in the Center for Sleep Medicine in Kempenhaeghe.

Using high-quality, in-house polysomnography facilities and working together with other experts of the Kempenhaeghe centers, they offer a new perspective on your patient’s disorder. Our in-house expertise encompasses the full width of sleep medicine, from neurological sleeping disorders and breathing-dependent sleeping disorders up to and including complex insomnia and sleeping rhythm disorders, also for specific target groups (children and people with an intellectual disability) and for patients whose comorbidity complicates matters.

As a referrer you are an important partner, with whom we like to share our findings. Following the intervention in Kempenhaeghe, your patient will be referred back to you.

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Center for Neurological Learning and Development Disabilities


Does your patient have a neurological disorder that “possibly“ causes a learning, behavioral of developmental disorder? In the Center for Neurological Learning and Development Disabilities at Kempenhaeghe we examine the capacities and developmental possibilities of your patient.

We add the required expertise of pediatric neurology, clinical neuropsychology and neuro didactics together, if necessary with the specialisms of the Kempenhaeghe expertise centers for epileptology and sleep medicine. We always work together with the other practitioners of the child. From this broader perspective we gain more insight in the child's possibilities.

We make a treatment/support advice for the referrer, sometimes start up the treatment or support in the field of the learning/developmental disorder, or refer to professionals elsewhere. As a referrer, we consider you to be our partner with whom we like to share experiences and findings.

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Center for Residential Epilepsy Care


If you patient/client can no longer live in a regular care facility because of multiple disorders in combination with epilepsy, the Center for Residential Epilepsy Care Kempenhaeghe is possibly a good alternative. Here, children and adults find a safe and warm home and attention for the impact of epilepsy. Our care varies from very intensive care in a very protected environment up to and including care focused on support. We focus on the possibilities rather than on limitations.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary view of doctors and counsellors – and also in close cooperation with our Kempenhaeghe centers for epileptology and sleep medicine – we continuously focus on the complex disorders of our clients. In doing so, we work together with external partners and exchange information with them.

Even though we take over the care for your patient, we consider you, the referrer, to be an important partner with whom we like to exchange experiences and findings.

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Supporting expertise


All the Kempenhaeghe centers focus on optimal, maximal care for patients with complex disorders. That is why we work with multidisciplinary teams in which doctors are supported by behavioral scientists, nursing specialists, social workers and paramedics. We have special, extra facilities where experts deploy their specialized know-how, often behind the screens.

You might think of specific EEG, MRI and polysomnography-examinations or a specialized pharmacy and laboratory. The cooperation between the various professionals results in possibilities for a new perspective on the patient, his disorder and the care we offer.

In short, whomever refers patients to Kempenhaeghe knows that they are ensured of the best possible care, thanks to the availability of highly qualified specialists, supported by high-quality staff departments.