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Science in Kempenhaeghe

In addition to care and education Kempenhaeghe also focuses on the development of know-how and expertise in epileptology, sleep medicine and neurocognition. ‘TriO’ is the organ that safeguards research, development and education for the five Kempenhaeghe centers. Multidisciplinary, thematic research groups research strategically selected themes.

Scientific research in Kempenhaeghe originates and is inspired in the practice of specialized care and specialized education. The number of research projects in which we are involved, publications and doctoral research, continues to grow. Together we develop new perspectives that result in the ever-increasing improvement of patient care and deepening of our know-how of the disorders. This is how we invest in the quality of our care, diagnostics, treatment and support and how we spread our know-how.

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Cooperating in networks

Via cooperation and academization we realize and safeguard the scientific yield in our areas of expertise. We work nationally and internationally with universities, other academic centers, knowledge institutes and corporations. Several specialists who work in Kempenhaeghe are professor at universities in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Together with Maastricht UMC+, Kempenhaeghe is the Academic Center for Epileptology, that maintains close ties with UZ Gent. In a strong combination with the University of Technology Eindhoven we focus on science and innovation. The Center for Sleep Medicine, the Center for Neurological Learning and Development Disabilities and the Center for Residential Epilepsy Care also develop and embed expertise with these parties.

In the field of epilepsy there are ties with Radboudumc and UMC Utrecht. In sleep research we work together with Radboudumc and CIRO. In the field of learning disorders there are contacts with Leiden UMC and Erasmus MC. Those contacts also exist between the Center for Residential Epilepsy Care and ErasmusMC. Moreover, we participate in – mostly together with the aforementioned academic hospitals – in various consortiums in the Netherlands and in Europe.

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Chairs and research lines

The professors linked to Kempenhaeghe are the top specialists in their area of expertise. They establish connections between Kempenhaeghe and university centers and promote the presence of Kempenhaeghe in the best national and international research networks.

In consultation with the management teams of the Kempenhaeghe centers they initiate research lines and supervise and coordinate scientific projects. They also teach at universities and contribute to the transfer of expertise as chairperson or speaker on congresses in the Netherlands and abroad. The professors are also active in the direct care for patients, which contributes to safeguarding the link between science and the daily care practice.

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Scientific researchers

In Kempenhaeghe many staff members are active in scientific research.

A large group of PhD students is fulltime employed at universities, working on research projects in which Kempenhaeghe is involved. Doctorate senior researchers with double assignments work both at the University of Technology Eindhoven and in Kempenhaeghe, researching our areas of expertise.

In addition, several practitioners in Kempenhaeghe work part-time on their doctoral research. Following their doctorate trajectory these practitioners remain active in Kempenhaeghe in scientific projects in their (clinical) area of expertise. They also contribute to the development and transfer of expertise via publications and presentations.