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What does specialized residential epilepsy care offer?

At home, children or adults with multiple disorders and epilepsy cannot always receive the 24-hour care they need. Sometimes the regular services for the disables also do not suffice, because of complex epilepsy. The Center for Residential Epilepsy Care is well-equipped for such clients.

Specialized residential epilepsy care leaves room for the impact of epilepsy by way of care givers with extra know-how of epilepsy as a disorder, but also of living with epilepsy. They are well known with the interaction between epilepsy and, for instance, behavior, mood and sleep. They also know the side-effects of anti-epilepsy medication. And they are able to adapt the daily care to the client’s epileptic seizures. They continuously make risk assessments while taking the client’s possibilities as a starting point. Often, epilepsy turns out to be less restrictive than previously thought.

In addition to the personal expertise of its staff, the Center for Residential Epilepsy Care also has extra equipment and (technical) facilities, for instance in the field of nightly monitoring. It goes without saying that the expertise of the Kempenhaeghe centers for epileptology and sleep medicine are always at hand. This is how we can directly translate the medical treatment, innovation and science into care.

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Heavier care profiles

The Center for Residential Epilepsy Care offers a warm home to approximately 300 children and young adults. Almost all of them have a high care indication (from 5 VG), all of them are dealing with epilepsy.

Kempenhaeghe has departments where very intensive care is offered in a very protected environment. In other departments the emphasis of care is on support. Our care involves stay, treatment, support, nursing, daily activities and support in leisure-time activities.

Because of their complex epilepsy, many candidate clients of the Center for Residential Epilepsy Care are already being treated in the Academic Center for Epileptology Kempenhaeghe.

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Our experts

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Counselling and study center

In addition to residential epilepsy care the Center for Residential Epilepsy Care also offers extramural services. Our neurologists are involved in client cases in institutions elsewhere in the country, but they also share their expertise on, for instance, epilepsy monitoring during the night.

Via the epilepsy study center, Kempenhaeghe – in cooperation with epilepsy center SEIN – offers care givers (tailormade) training. For instance, on weighing risks or registering epileptic seizures.

Last but not least, Kempenhaeghe offers on demand tailormade psycho education for clients in other institutions to learn to better deal with their epilepsy and, where possible, to develop self-control.

This is how we widely deploy our know-how and experience with residential care, daily activities and support for people with epilepsy and other disabilities.