Making the difference
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As an expertise center, Kempenhaeghe deals with people with complex, urgent problems in the fields of epilepsy, sleeping disorders or neurological learning and developmental disorders. Our 1,200 employees search for answers to their questions using high-quality diagnostic examinations and personal attention for the patient. We find the answers by way of tailored, sometimes less known treatment methods. And, if so required, in offering counseling in dealing with the disorder in everyday life. In substantive terms and in the contact with patients it is this depth that makes working at Kempenhaeghe attractive.

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One step further

At Kempenhaeghe we go beyond diagnosing and treating a disorder. We also look at the challenges that patients face in their journey towards care and education. We pay attention to social aspects, daytime activities, school and work participation.

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Scientific research

We are continuously looking for new ways to better help people with epilepsy, sleeping disorders and/or neurological learning and developmental disorders. In addition to patient care, scientific research is crucial. We work closely together with academic hospitals, universities, other institutes and corporations.

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Needle in a haystack

We offer our patents all of our know-how and all our attention. This requires professionals who take an extra step in their involvement in the wellbeing of patients, in their interest for their profession. Inspiring, eager people who like to share their know-how with others. Spirited people who want to be the best in their field, who want to (further) specialize, are open to new developments and able to play a role in this themselves. Anyone with these characteristics is more than welcome at Kempenhaeghe.

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Kempenhaeghe as employer

Kempenhaeghe offers a pleasant working environment in a dynamic organization. The primary terms of employment of the hospital and care institution are derived from the collective employment agreement for hospitals. For working at De Berkenschutse the collective employment agreement for education applies.

Moreover, there are good secondary employment conditions, that include a multiple-choice system of employment conditions with possibilities for deferred pension program, life course savings scheme, bicycle plan, possibilities for exchanging travel expenses/year-end bonus, membership of professional associations and trade unions, various types of leave and a study facilities program. Kempenhaeghe offers a number of collective possibilities for health care insurance, deferred pension and life course savings.

Attention is a focal issue at Kempenhaeghe. This includes careful treatment and relations based on truthfulness between employees, patients and residents. Everyone who starts working at Kempenhaeghe must provide a certificate of good behavior.