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Room for doctors-in-training

We offer specialists-in-training attractive possibilities for further schooling in the disciplines epileptology and/or sleeping disorders. We offer plenty of space for tailored internships, meeting the residents’ wishes and educational needs. An internship includes clinical and outpatient activities for children, adolescents, (young) adults, the elderly, people with and without physical and/or mental disorders. Specialists-in-training independently participate in the clinic and the outpatient clinic and take part in various types of meetings that offer important learning experiences.

The differentiation internship at Kempenhaeghe revolves around competence-based learning according to the CANMEDS model. The Medical Specialists Registration Commission (MRSC) has recognized it is as an acknowledged part of the study neurology. At Kempenhaeghe, assistant-physicians work in day shifts under direct supervision of staff members neurology.